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Lalah Hathaway

Posted on October 29, 2015


I had the pleasure of sitting in recently on an interview with dynamic singer, creative artist, Lalah Hathaway.  The Maggie Linton show on SiriusXM.  During the show  she shared she was born on December 16th.  I explained she is a Sagittarius, 7 person. . . (1 +6 = 7) meaning her key numbers were the 7, 2 and 3. Meaning Monday and Thursday were best days; and March, May, July, October and December were her best months.  For instance, two of her live upcoming events this week in Atlanta and Virginia.  The first of the two is on "October","30th". . .one of her months. . .on a "3". . .(3+0 = 3). .one of her numbers.  Then the next event is November "7th". . .one of her number.  So those of you who come out to hear she this sweet, soulful and classically trained sister, is in for a treat.  Click link to listen for more.                                               



Posted on October 15,2015


The first time I ever sat in with Maggie Linton, host of the popular morning show on Sirius XM, was when she had me sit in with her guest by phone, actress and academy award winner, Mo'Nique.  Mo'Nique, during the interview let me explained that she is a Sagittarius, Master number 11 person, born on December 11th.  In Numerology, the number "11" is considered a master number; implying one with special talents and gifts.  Sagittarius is is considered the "entertainment signs". Some of the best and brightest comics such as Redd Foxx, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison.  Interestingly enough, she too, like Lalah Hathaway have the exact key numbers but in a different order. Click the link to listen for more.














Posted on November 8, 2015


I was invited to sit in another time with Maggie Linton on SiriusXM radio when she did a 30 minute interview with Bishop T.D. Jakes.  He was promoting his latest book now on the New York Times best selling list, "Destiny".  He explained during his engaging interview with Maggie that each of us has a role to play in the destiny of things, but often time we're distracted by persons or things that get in the way.  And once one learns to follow their destiny  , they are well on their way to their own personal success.  After her interview with Bishop Jake, I went on to explain that each,of us has a destiny, determine from the birthday with a purpose in life according to Numerology. Continue reading and for full interview.



Aaliyah and the Number 7

Posted on June 20, 2014

Aaliyah and the Number 7

Aaliyah, was born on the 16th of the month; 1+6=7
Her complete birthday, January 16, 1979 adds across to 34; 3+4=7 o The name, Aaliyah, has 7 letters
Her father, Michael, has 7 letters in his name
Her brother, Rashaad, has 7 letters in his name
Her mother, Diane’s name, numerically adds to 16 or 7
She was raised in Detroit, 7 letters in the name
Her manager and family member, Barry Hankerson’s name adds to 16, or 7 o Her first CD, “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” sold over 700,000 copies,


Jay-Z . . .Beyonce. . .The Loving Couple. and the Number 4

Posted on July 3, 2014

You’ve probably been on some far away planet or hiding under a rock not to know that one of America’s most talented and financially successful musical artists, Jay-Z and Beyonce, tied the wedding knot on April 4th. . .or 4/4.
As a numerologist, I’ve always been amazed this remarkable couple, have more in common than just their respective fame and fortune. They also share the number 4 together as well. These musical love birds obviously know the number 4 means more to them than others can ever imagine. Jay-Z, for example, is a Sagittarius 4 person, born on the 4th of December, 1969. Beyonce, is a Virgo 4 person, born the 4th of September, 1981. So, it comes as no surprise they would in fact marry on the 4th day, in the 4th month. . . .and there’s more to the 4, such as the following number


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