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Jay-Z and Beyonce

  Jay-Z and his #4

* There are 4 letters in the name. . .Jay-Z Co-owns the 40/40 club
* His critically acclaimed “The BluePrint”. .released in 2002. . that adds to 4 (2+0+0+2 = 4)
* “The BluePrint” album sold a total of 4 million units
* He co-owned the New Jersey Nets. . .investing over 4 million dollars
* He signed with Live Nation whose worth is 4.4 billion


Beyoncé and her #4

* She began the group, Destiny’s Child originally with 4 members
* The name, Destiny’s Child, has 13 letters. . .1 + 3 = 4
* Tina, her mother and advisor, etc, has 4 letters in her first name
* Tina Knowles is born on the 4th of January
* At 22 (2+2 = 4), Beyonce won “Songwriter of the Year” award from ASCAP in Pop Music making her the first African-American female to do so
* Destiny’s Child announced they were disbanding as a group on the 13th of June. . .(1+3 = 4)
* Her debut solo release, ”Dangerously in Love”, was certified platinum on June 22nd. . .(2+2 = 4)
* “Dangerously in Love” sold over 4 million copies and nearly 13 (1+3 = 4 ) million copies sold world wide
* An international TV audience of 144.4 millions viewers watched her sing the National Anthem ushering in the start of ’04 Super Bowl XXXVIII. . .(1+4+4+4 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4)

    Jay-Z AND Beyonce's Names

In Numerology the letters of a name denotes ones’ talents, gifts, skills and abilities when added together. In short, it represents those inner qualities that one is able to do naturally. Using the mystic or Chaldean system of numerology, the name, Jay-Z is numerically transposed:

    111 7 = 10

Numerically, the name, Jay-Z, adds to the number 10, or 1 (1 + 0 = 1). For eons, the number 1 has always represented the first principle. They are the leaders in whatever chosen field they decide to take. They are your CEO’s, entrepreneurs, presidents, managers, supervisors, heads of departments, executives and independent thinkers to name a few.

        2517535  = 28/10/1

The name, Beyonce as you can see, adds to 28, and when you add the 2 and 8 together, it adds to the number 10, the same name number as Jay-Z’s. Therefore, her name also shows an entrepreneurial and independent spirit in her own right. Perhaps this is why it is said: winners come in number 1.
Beyonce therefore in every sense of the word is just as capable, intelligent and savvy as her  husband. What a numerical name match or what.

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Jay-Z AND Beyonce's Destiny

What’s ahead for these new nuptials? Its easy to see what’s in their numerical stars known as the destiny number. The Destiny number is found by adding your month, date and year of birth together. This Destiny number suggests what you’re on this earth to learn or master. Like the classroom, there are certain lessons to learn if you want to move ahead to the next grade. . .or next reincarnation if that’s ones belief. Only in this case, your Destiny numbers tells what grade you are in the school of life or hard knocks and whether you’ve learned your lessons or not.

Jay-Z Beyonce
Month: 12 9

Day: 4 4 Year: 1969 1981
1985 = 23 or 5 1994 = 23 or 5
As you can see, both Jay-Z and Beyonce have the same exact Destiny number of 5. In fact, the double numbers both adds to 23 (2 + 3 = 5)Those born under a 5 Destiny are usually destined to travel and experience various changes in their lives every 4 1⁄2 to 5 years. A 5 destiny person during their lifetime, are usually involved directly or indirectly in: business, science, commerce, communications the stock exchange, the literary field as well as the travel industry to name a
few. In short they’re known to wear many hats, which certainly seem to be the case of this famous couple.

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Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Wedding


They started going out together as a couple in 2002. . .a year adding to a 4 They had their ring fingers tattooed the Roman numerical 4 (IV) in lieu of a
diamond ring
They obtained their wedding license on the 1st of April, the 4th month
They married on April 4th. . .or 4/4
They took their vows with just 40 family members and friends present. . .which
adds to 4
They had 60,000 white orchids flown in for the wedding at a cost of $400,000, with a
large Roman numeral 4 displayed. . . .400,000 adds to a 4
At 2:20 am, guests were invited on the platform floor dancing to their 2003
Beyonce/Jay-Z classic. . .”Crazy in Love”. . .2 + 2 + 0 am = 4 I


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