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Question: How did you start with researching numbers?
LS: I start researching numbers as a result of my prior interest in astrology. I found that the commonality between both astrology numerology are the planets. So for example, if someone says the Sun, that means they’re talking about the zodiac sign of Leo. As a numerologist,for me it meant they were talking about the number 1. And so my relationship with numerology has become a lifelong love affair.


Question: why are numbers important to know?
LS: Numbers are important to know because they act as a guide in just about everything you do. Imagine a world without numbers. How would you be able to do anything on a normal basis if it were not for numbers. For instance, Its important to know what building number you live in or work. It’s important to know your Social Security number, and know that it should not be given it out to just anyone. It’s important to know the numbers you received on your paycheck each period. I would say in essence, there is next to nothing you can do if the numbers didn’t exist.


Question: with the new year, how can numbers help me plan and figure out my life in the coming months?
LS: With the coming new year of 2014, number can help you plan and figure out to an amazing degree the best times to get done, and with results. There is a technique in numerology, known as the personal year cycle. To determine what your personal cycle is for the year, simply add the month and date you were born, to the year in question, in this case 2014. For example, an individual born September 14th. You take this person’s month and day, then added it to the year 2014. By taking these three components, and then adding them a cross, this particular individual will be going to a 3 personal year for 2014; a cycle denoting prosperity good luck and expansion, to name a few.


Question: How do I know my number and is it easy to figure out myself?
LS: Numerology is incredibly easy to figure out. Your main number is determined from your date of birth. So if you will born on the 23rd, 2+3 = 5. Let’s say you have another person born on the 27th, it becomes 2+7 = 9. And what makes numerology so interesting also is the fact that each letter in your name has a numerical value. Because in essence your name denote your natural talents, gifts, skills and abilities. There are now many books on the subject, such as mine, to help people understand the system of numerology better.


Question: How can you use numbers to live a more successful and happier life?
LS: once you are able to your key number which is arrived from your date of birth, you’ll know how to time your affairs. Let’s take the example of the number 5 again. 5 rules Wednesday. 5 rules the 5th, the 14th and the 23rd of any month. And 5 also rules the months of June and September. So each of the numbers from 1 to 9 have the same characteristics as to the day of the week they rule; the dates in the months, and the months in the year.


Question: We bet you get to meet a lot of amazing people and heard you met Oprah. What was that like?
LS: True, I have been blessed to meet a lot of amazing people, including Oprah. I appeared on Oprah’s show three times, and what an experience it was. She’ genuine; she is truly warm, and it comes across easily. This may explain the tremendous success and longevity and success of her TV shows.


Question: Who was your favorite person that you gave a reading to?
LS: that’s really hard to say because they are so many. One, that comes to mind at the moment is Denzel Washington. Upon meeting him backstage, he explained that he was born on the 28th: that his wife Paula was born on the 28th, and that they married on the 28th. In fact, their first child was born on the 28th. Ironically, when receiving his first Academy Award for Best Actor, the presenter was Julia Roberts who happened to be born on the 28th herself.


Question: Who are the top three people you want to give a leading to?
LS: The three top people that I would like to give a leading to are Pres. Barack Obama and TV celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degenerate.


Question: What two numbers are the most and least compatible?
LS: I would say the two most compatible numbers are the 5 and 6. Although their are others. On the other hand the least two numbers compatible are the 9 and 2. 9, is ruled by the element of fire. The 2, is ruled by the element of water. Four instance, vocal diva, Whitney Houston, born on the 9th, died in the 2nd month of February. . .on the 11th day, which adds to a 2 (1+1+ =2). She died in hotel room 443. .4+4+3 =11; 1+1 = 2. And the irony is, they found her in a tube of water. The next least two compatible numbers after that are the 4 and 6.


Question: Who is your favorite celebrity couple in terms of their numbers?
LS: I would say my favorite celebrity couple in terms of their numbers go to Beyoncé and Jay-Z. For example, Beyoncé was born on 4 September. Jay-Z was born on 4 December. They start going out in the year 2002. 2+0+0+2 = 4. They married on April 4. They had their ring fingers tattooed the Roman numeral IV(4). Beyoncé became pregnant in 2011, which adds to a 4. 2+0+1+1 = 4; in April, 4 month. Also the month they married. “Blue”, their baby girl, which happens to have 4 letters in her name, was born on January 7, 2012. This date happens to be a four Universal day. . .1+7+2+0+1+2 = 13 ; 1+3 = 4. And there is more, much more!

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