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The Power

of the Penny



The Power of the Penny!


“But don’t take my word for it, you do the math.”

Have you ever wondered about the power of the penny?
The penny has more power than you could ever imagine.Forget the fact the penny is brown, unlike the other coins, or that it has the least value amount among the other coins. When it all adds up, the penny that you possess is quite powerful. After all, “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Or, what about, “make every penny count”.You would be surprised that when it’s all said and done, that penny in your pocket, is more sort after than you’ll ever know. If you don’t believe in the
”Power of the Penny”, try the following experiment for yourself.Take one penny for the next 31 days, and double the amount. If it doesn’t stagger your imagination, I don’t know what will.

Remember, the rule is simple, double the penny everyday for the next thirty one days.

#1 .01
#2 .02
#3 .04
#4 .08
#5 .16
#6 .32
#7 .64
#8 $1.28
#9 $2.56
#10 $5.12
#11 $10.24
#12 $20.48
#13 $40.96
#14 $81.92
#15 $163.84
#16 $327.68
#17 $655.36
#18 $1,310.72
#19 $2,621.44
#20 $5,242.88
#21 $10,485.76
#22 $29,971.52
#23 $41,943.04
#24 $83,886.08
#25 $167,772.16
#26 $335,544.32
#27 $671,088.64
#28 $1,342,177.30
#29 $2,684,354.60
#30 $5,368,709.20
#31 $10,737,418.40

Now, you may be wondering; asking yourself what exactly is the point! It’s simple! Have you ever notice that when you buy an item at your local grocer, say for .99 cents, you give them a dollar and generally walk away. In fact, often times, the grocer doesn’t even think aboutgiving you your penny back, unless you ask. If you don’t believe me, pay .99 cents on your next item, and stand there when you give them your dollar. The grocer will actually look at you as ifsomething is wrong. In my own personal experience, some grocers have even copped an attitude when I ask for my penny back. And if you don’t understanding anything else economically, understand this. That is, if they want to hold on to your precious penny, perhaps you need to hold on to it yourself. Imagine, everyday, day in and day out across the village of Harlem and all the other Harlems across the United States, we leave that precious penny behind. And if you don’t think it doesn’t add up, you’re sorely mistaken. So the following example given makes it crystal clear the power of your penny. The one thing this country understands is the power of the almighty dollar. But it starts with your penny first. So in the final analysis remember; it’s better to have that penny in your pocket, than theirs!


                                                         Copyright 2004 LLoyd Strayhorn

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