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If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 7
With both of you sharing the “Plane of Intuition” in Numerology, there’s almost an automatic connection between you. And although your styles are totally different, yet, there seems to be a similarity at the same time. Sounds crazy! But you would both love to travel the world to faraway and ancient places. You both seem to also respect each other’s space. You can be lively, flamboyant, and full of flair. You’ll find your 7 mate however somewhat laid back; penetrating, and mysterious. You’ll find your sexual depths go to very deep levels with this one also. May and October are the months you share. You’re likely to submerge on this love scale at a depth of 6 to 9.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 8
The merging of your birth numbers’ could evolve into a successful business adventure, if you share similar career interests. Together, as a couple, you and your mate can accomplish wonderful things, and it would grow into the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. But it’s slow going at first, because your energies are so initially different. You like getting things done right away for example. Your number 8 mate may plod alone, making sure before moving on. This may work your nerves, and your sex life, since once you’re feeling it, heated, that is, you’re ready to get it on, and so should they. January, April, May and October you share. The merger on this love scale sets between 5 and 8.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 9
When you two get together, you may as well call in the Fire Department! That’s how hot this relationship can get. It’s ridiculous! You’re both strong minded personalities, and would make a commanding presence together in any arena of life. You’re both leaders, and have an equally good opinion of yourselves. It’s almost funny! Together, you’d love to travel the expanse of this world, and see its’ wonders. In the sexual world of wonders, it should be a sight to behold, again and again. Your auspicious months together are, March, April, May, October, and December. This sizzler on the love of scale ranges between 7 and 9 degrees.

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