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If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 4
Are you second-guessing yourself with this one, number 9? All may not be what it appears to be with this number 4. Not that they’re deceptive or anything. The 4 is normally not open and up front in the beginning, the way you prefer it. Just tell you what time it is, and you’ll know how long to stay. Where you have those who come up to you with outright accusations; your 4 choice, would have to deal with those who undermine them secretly, behind their back. It’s like, if it’s not one thing for you, it’s another for them! In the bedroom, you may not be on the same page either, but when you do click, it’s off the hook. There are no months you share. Going back and forth, the love scale swings between a 3 and a 6.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 5
Boy, is this a good combination! It’s as good as you can get; provided you’re willing to deal with a short-term relationship. Sticking around too long is not the number 5′s greatest strength. They likes to be free, to come and go when they please. If you can deal with that, fine. Together, you’d do well traveling from place to place, since you both have a tremendous amount of energy and a curiosity to no end. You would do well in literary efforts together also since writing talent isindicated. In the bedroom, you could write the Karma Sutra, the sex guide, over again. April, une, and August are the months you share. The erotic position on this love expression is around 6 to 9.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 6
Artistic and musical expressions should run throughout this relationship. Even though you, or your number 6 mate, may not be an artist or musician, let’s say; you both appreciate those who express themselves this way. You both tend to balance the scale between that fine line called love, and hate. This is why once you get to know each other better you know how to fine-tune each other to bring out your best. And speaking of bringing out the best, bed wise, sexually, it couldn’t happen to a better set of number. Months in common are April, May, October and November. The fine line on this love scale is drawn between 6 and 9.

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