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If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 1
Your birth number and theirs are actually good for each other. You tend to compliment each other’s goals and dreams very well, right from the start. Where you, number 9, have the ability to finish things; they’re good at launching things new, giving it life. You’re both driven by a passion to succeed no matter what, which is a hard attitude to beat when together. You’re both active and energetic. No doubt, you’ll meet your match with this one. They are not afraid to be up front, and neither are you. And when it comes to the sex that’s definitely up front too! Bold, brash, just the way you like it. The month you both share are April and August. Love scale on this dial locks in between 8 and 10.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 2
Now, why would you want to choose this one for a mate? At least that’s what others may be thinking, even saying aloud. Cosmically, and numerically speaking, that’s because you’re at opposite ends of the metaphysical pole. Unless your numerical name happens to add to a 2, or their numerical name adds to a 9, could this possibly work out! Now, if you’re having a great time with this mate selection, and feel offended, don’t be. It goes deeper than that. There may come at a point when a serious clash develops and if you were to continue this relationship, you need to understand that. Sexually, at first yes, but later, uh hum! You haven’t any months together. And on the love scale it’s not worth weighing.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 3
If you both happen to be in artistic endeavors, chances are good, this is likely to be how you’ll meet. Both of you have a flair for the dramatic and are not afraid to display your talents, skills and abilities; such is your confidence and theirs. This is why you’d make a great team together. If traveling together to foreign countries, you’d have the best of times. And since you’re both ruled by the element of fire, there’s no telling how high you you’ll turn up the sexual heat in the bed room. March, April, November and December are your auspicious months. The love scale on this one raises the Fahrenheit between 6 and 10.

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