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If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 1
Your business like attitude, is just perfect for this number 1 mate, who basically think the same way. This is why when goals are set, the both of you are likely to reach them on the prescribed date and time. Since both of you are found on the mental plane in Numerology, others may perceive you both as being cold, and without feeling. But it’s on this level that you understand each other perfectly. You’re intense; they’re assertive. You’re practical; they’re a risk taker. When it comes to the bedroom, you both seem to compliment each other’s needs. You don’t have months in common. Love wise, this gets a clinical evaluation of 5 to 6.


If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 2
Your birth number, along with your mates’, is practically what the doctor ordered. . You’re both practical, with an eye for detail. Your element of earth, along with their element of water, could make for a rice garden; all depending on the seeds you plant together. You’ll find this number 2 mate very attentive and understanding. They seem to know what you want almost without having to ask. Sexually, it’s enough to draw the birds and bees out of their nest. January, March, May, July and September are your common months. On the love scale, this hums between 6 and 9.


If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 3
As a success couple, this would be an ideal match between you and them. You’re known to be a hard nose, and a serious minded worker. They’re workaholics and likes to keep a number of things doing. In both cases, your mind set is to succeed despite the odds. That’s why you both like challenges. You seem to rise to the occasion. Your mix of numbers not only leads to potential prosperity, but personal and emotional happiness as well. And sexually, there is an intensity and creative expression like no other. The months you have in common are January, March, May, October and December. The love scale finds this one bullish between 6 and 9.

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