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If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 7
Although there is an initial attraction, it may not be as strong as you’d like it in the long run. The common thread between you is the tendency to be misunderstood on first meeting. You both, as a result, need a little time before others warm up to you. You’re both very comfortable in private moments, even sharing this privacy in public settings. They however, are difficult to know. They like to keep things tucked away inside, not hiding anything. If you’re patience, and you got plenty of that, you’ll draw them out. This includes intimate exchanges of the deepest kind.

January and July are outstanding in your charts. The cosmic aspects put this on the scale of love between 5 and 8.


If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 8
If the both of you are positive and spiritually based in personality and disposition, this union can create a long, strong and deeply committed relationship. You both seem to understand there are higher forces at work that guide us all. You both aren’t afraid to meet challenges and face your fears. You both also seem to be driven, once your mind is set on something. Materially and financially, your chance for prosperity, wealth and abundance as a twosome is very high. But it’ll take time. It also pulsates and pleases the pleasure zones of your sexuality. January, March, May, October and December are your months. 6 to 9 are the range on your love scale.


If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 9
You and your 9 mate coming together can produce an awesome couple. You both have a magnetic personality that just stands out. Together, there is almost nothing you both can’t accomplish since you’re both powerful in your own special way. You are both leaders in your respective careers and understand what each has to do. However, if you have a negative mate who indulges them self to excess drinking, or physical abuse, cancel this one right away. The positive number 9 mate brings a lot of energy to the table. This you find inspirational, and so will you find it in your sex life; taking you to the stars. January, April, May and October you share. Set your heavenly sights on this love chart between 6 and 9.

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