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If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 4
Under the laws of Numerology, it’s suggested that these two birth numbers should avoid each other at all costs. Yet, the irony is, these numbers are often attracted to each other, and tend toward long relationship. Perhaps it’s because they’re both associated with forces outside of your control. It’s almost like fate or destiny steps in and takes over. The 8 side of your nature is conservative and practical; where your number 4 mate, could be rebellious and unconventional; eventually causing a clash of some kind. You may also find a clash in the bedroom. . Your months of destiny are January, February, July and August. Stepping on the scale of fated love, this one is destined between 4 and 8.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 5
Right away these birth numbers generally collide. That’s because their numerical energies are totally different in temperament, scope and space. Strange enough however, if you share a common career interest such as business, public life, it just may work. But this certainly wouldn’t be a marriage made in heaven; that’s for sure. You, number 8, usually like a plan, a sense of here you’re going and why. Your 5 mate can do things by the seat of their pants, without any planning. And if you plan on your sex life to be hot and idyllic, you can forget that too! You haven’t any months in common. Between 3 and 4, just about does it on the love scale.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 6
When these two birth numbers come together, just about anything can happen. You’re just made for each other, and the similarity is almost uncanny. You both also have an ability to generate lots of money, and together, find that the least of your worries. You both have a love of family, and would love to own property, preferably a house with a fence on all sides. Romantically, you’re both faithful and loyal and would rarely stray on each other. When it comes to those intimate moments, its’ likely to be deeply intense and long lasting! January, May and October are the months that stand out. On the love scale place this solidly between 7 and 10.

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