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If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 1
According to your elements, this is a mix of water and fire. That right away should tell you something. However, if you look at the planets ruling these numbers, which are the Moon and the Sun, you can see the exception to this cosmic rule. Both of you are strong willed and individualistic. Both of you can be direct, although you’re a bit more reserved. Both of you feel that taking action of some kind is important. And somewhat like you, your number 1 mate can be detached, absent of feeling. Sexually, you may find them too assertive, but then again, you’re no slouch either. February, July and August are your common months. The love scale sways back and forth between 4 and 7.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 2
Here, you’ve met your match, cosmically that is. You are both ruled by the Moon. 7 rules the masculine side (that’s you); and 2, the feminine side (that’s them). It’s like role reversals. You compliment each other very well, and have a natural affinity mostly for the same things. Where others think you’re standoffish; your number 2 mate sees you as a person that needs privacy and desire for space. What’s wrong with that? You also sense each other’s needs easily. And speaking of ease, there’s no difficulty in the sex department. You’re likely to fog the mirrors and windows. Your months of affinity are March, May, July and October. The Ying and Yang on this love scales balances around 7 and 10.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 3
On first impression, your number 3 mate, may appear loud and boisterous for you. They want to be the life of the party and get the attention. Well, you don’t! You’d rather keep things quiet, not letting on what you’re all about. However, you’ll find this choice of a mate refreshing, as they bring out another side of you at parties and social events. There may be times when you think they’re hyper, always wanting to do something. You, a good book, a little peace and quiet, are all you need. The sexual intensity is magnetic enough to satisfy you both to ecstatic heights. March, May and October are your months of choice. The volume on this love selection ranges between 5 and 8.

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