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If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 7
What’s likely to bring you two together is a common love of knowledge, nature and information. If invited to each other’s home; books, newspapers and other reading material are lying around, everywhere. You both also share a love of travel, and a common curiosity that always want to know, and why. You have a similar intellect that’s refreshing for a change. After the sex, there’s a much bigger world to talk about. You also share a love of privacy and space, which is so important to the both of you. If you want to see your number 7 work up a sweat, invite them into the bedroom for push-ups. You won’t have a problem getting this mate into your gym, believe it! May, July and September are the months in common. The scale on this love match, bench-press between a 5 and 8.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 8
As a rule, the number 8 is considered one of your opposition numbers. Not that you two can’t getalong! But it’ll take some getting use to if you want this relationship to work. For instance, you aren’t afraid to spend; lavishly. After all, life is short, and who knows! However, your mate would be the kind that likes saving for a rainy day. Actually, in that sense you can balance each other out. You are a free spirit. You are the kind of person that likes spice and variety in your life. Your 8 mate would prefer to be reserved, practical and slow in warming up to things. Even in the bedroom there’ll eventually be a pull and tug as which way to go. Like the bedroom, sexually, you have no months in common to speak of. A pull on 3, and tug on 5, would be about right on this scale.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 9
This is an excellent combination if you and your choice of a mate are the outdoor type. You’ll find your number 9 mate daring and adventurous. You both have a common love of travel, going places near and far. Both of you like to get to the heart of a matter, since patience is neither one of your strong points. You both like exciting and stimulating things, especially if there’s an element of risk. You’re not afraid to take chances together. On the down side, if you slip into negative lifestyles, you need to ask yourself what stop you get off. Let them keep going. Sexually, you’ll be on the phone talking for days about this one. February, April, June, and August are the months you fire things up. The going rate on this love scale is 5 to 9.

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