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If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 7
Here, we have a set of numbers that are usually ideal for each other. Although you both may be slow to warm up to each other, this combination has one of the most lasting relationships around. For instance, you both like your privacy and for this reason, are described as a “private couple”. You two don’t need people around to feel at home. You two are usually all you need, thank you. You’d like traveling to far away places, enjoying exciting, precious and private moments together. Sounds romantic? It is! It’s as if you make a sincere effort to develop the relationship. When you two sexually get busy, it would be described as indescribable. February, July and August tend to stand out as common months. Venus, the love planet, throws her weight behind this one, 6 to 10.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 8
In the world of Numerology the 4 and 8, are often considered together, “fatalistic numbers”. Fatalistic, in the sense there may be times when things seem to happen outside their own control, as if by fate, or destiny. Therefore, the general Numerology rule has been when these two numbers come together; and especially if there appears to be problems developing, it’s best to part ways. However, some of the longest relationships have been between these two, all depending on your zodiac signs. Sexually, you two seem to have a strong affinity with each other that make for intense, stimulating and unique scenarios. The months that pull you together may also pull you apart, such as January, February, July and August. Stepping on the love scale of fate, this one is destined between 4 and 8.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 9
This is an odd combination together since the numerical energy is so different. Example, your number 4 is associated with “secret enemies”, brought on by jealousy, insecurity and envy. Your number 9 choice, is associated with “open enemies”, those who outright don’t like them for whatever reasons. So when the two of you get together, there are a lot of stories you can laugh about, and even cry about. Your way and their way of doing things are basically opposite. Where you like to look before you leap; your courageous 9 mate will leap first, then look. Oh Boy! Your sexual ways of coming together can be one for the books. Scandalous! There are no months you can speak of really; and when putting this one on the love scale of controversy, a 3 to 5 might do.

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