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If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 4
         Well, Well! In a sense your mate is a direct reflection of your own numerical chemistry. You, for example, like to plan things out before hand. Under ideal conditions, you like to have most, if not all, of your things in place. . .order. It’s not that your number 4 counterpart is on the same page. They generally aren’t. True, they like to be organized. However, you may be involved with a number 4 that’s just the opposite. If you suggest one thing for instance, they suggest another. If you say yes, they says no. Huh!!! Now, let’s not leave out the sex part shall we! If you click in the arena of love, you’ll have fond memories to last for a very long time. February, June and August, are your months. This one uniquely qualifies on the love scale between 4 and 8.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 5
         This is a combination where both numbers stimulates each other very well. You on one hand like tried and true methods. Things that make sense! Your number 5 mate however, is a free spirit, and can do things on the spur of the moment. You, like to have your day planned out. They can adjust their schedule almost instantly. If you wish to keep this one around, don’t ask a lot of questions about how, what, and when, initially. You’ll then notice them cutting back their time (if you call it that) and attention. Sexually, there’ll be no doubt what time it is. Sexciting! What months you do both share? February, June, August and September are the ones. This love scale stimulates the senses between 5 and 9.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 6
       You can’t be serious!!! Not really!! This isn’t a relationship that you should bank on. True however; there are exceptions to the rule. Enjoy this 6 mate for what they’re worth, but don’t fail to look at the long term, if it lasts that long. What attracts you initially are the commonality you share such as being steadfast, loyal, and a desire to think things through. However, as you get deeper into the relationship, it leaves a lot to be desired. You’ll eventually find your 6 mate demanding more of you than you’re willing to put into them and home. Not that you can’t handle it! But hey! There’re other things you’re attempting to do. Sexually, you’re likely to make sparks instead of fireworks. How does this one rate on the scale of love? Not much to honestly speak of!

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