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If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 4
          If you decide to pursue the number 4 as a mate, there’s more you need to know. Firstly, your numerical energies are expressed differently. In Numerology, this is considered one of your stress numbers. For instance, your 3 nature is usually positive, upbeat and expressive. The 4, on the other hand, can be moody, reserved; with a desire to be alone. They’re likely to be younger than you, and totally opposite what you usually select in a mate. So if you find over time you’re going out to events by yourself, can’t say you didn’t read it here first. You go figure! When in those moments of sexual exchange, there can be surprising results. However, over the long term, who knows. You basically have no months in common. If asked on the scale of love, the odds? Not all that good!

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 5
           Upon first meeting, you may ask the question, “Where have you been all my life”! You seem to click so well, so quickly. Initially, in the beginning, that’s true. You’re both popular and well liked. This is why you two are always bumping into someone, somewhere; somehow. You both are expressive and equally articulate. And, you’re both youthful in appearance, personality, and attitude. And sexually, you both rock the house. What energy! On the down side however, you both suffer with nerves. Yours’ is more emotional; your 5 mate, more mental. It’s like over loading the circuits or nervous system in the relationship, causing eventual friction, leading to sparks. May, June, October and December stand out. This one generates between 4 and 7 on the love scale.

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 6
            This coming together of your birth numbers should bring out the most esthetic, colorful and creative side of your personalities. You both like the finer things in life and have an appreciation for all things that are beautiful, balanced and bright. You’ll notice an ease with the way you get along with one another and usually don’t have to guess work the relationship. Even in those private moments, there is a simpatico, or similarity about the way you two get into the sexual mix together. Because the number 6 mate likes to control (depending upon their zodiac sign) from time to time, you may have a problem with this. The months you share are March, May, October and December. The scale of love affectionately gives this between 6 and 9.

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