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If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 7
          There is a closeness that develops between these set of numbers. But it’s usually develops over a period of time. You have to be patient and not rush. Then, things begin to click after awhile. Both of you are deeply intuitive. You can sense the energy easily between you. Your open and receptive personality causes the number 7 to open up in ways that amazes even then; because their nature is low key and usually reserved. If you expect them to be talkative, and open up emotionally right away, don’t even try it. Just let them be! In those precious moments of physical delights, a deep and emotional experience awaits the both of you. The months that usually weave the both of you together are March, May, July, and October. Numbers 7 to 10 is about right in the cosmos of love.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 8
          This is an attraction of numbers; that once you two get together, has an excellent chance of being steady, faithful and long termed. Your combination of numerical elements making for a natural blend is the main reason. Your sensitive, emotional outlook; coupled with this mates steady and persistent persona just about does it for you as far as you’re concerned. Together, you can build things successfully and securely. As a team, goals can be set, and met almost to the day. And in the world of business or enterprise, you bounce well off each other. Sexually, this is a give and take situation. They may arouse slowly. When you do bond, January, March, May, July and September are months that’s likely to do it.. On the love scale, what does it get? Say, between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 9
         What! Are you serious! This is the worst choice you can make. Let’s not get it twisted. It’s not to say that something can’t develop between the two of you. However, the numerical odds are so much against it. Perhaps there may be an underlying need involved. You need to ask questions about this one. If they drink to excess; is quick tempered or abusive in anyway, you need to get a clue. Others will question how you two got together. Your numerical energies are totally opposite, water and fire. That’s also how it’s likely to be expressed between the sheets. Honestly, you have to be very careful, and ever on the alert if you want this relationship to work out. You share no months in common, nor feelings. On the love scale: Run to the nearest exit!

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