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If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 4
           This particular mix of numbers can work well since their ruling planets are harmonious. The both of you seem to have a oneness about the way you communicate. There even seems to be similar interests in the career fields, such as computers, radio or television. The both of you are particular about things. However, you’re likely to find your mate on the moody side. So when stressful moods; that them, and emotions; that’s you, bump heads, it could make for headaches.

Sexually, the compatibility is good, but look to this mate to come up with a trick or two before it’s over. February, July and August are your best months together. The Love scale says! 5 to 8 odds!

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 5
         Since the both of you are good at adapting to conditions, you can easily blend into a relationship, and into each other’s heart. As things develop, if you expect this mate to sit around the house all day, forget it. It’s not in their cosmic DNA! They likes to be on the go. Depending under what sign they’re born, they may have a number of relationships going at the same time. This doesn’t sit well with you. Most people for that matter! If you expect him to bend over backwards, going down the aisle, go elsewhere. Sexually however, you can learn a lot from each other; that’s for sure. May, June, July and September are the months you share in common. On the changing scale of love, this rates between 3 and 5.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 6
           Here, you both have a chemistry that’s enough to stir the blood emotionally and romantically. The planets, ruling your numbers are considered most harmonious in the world of metaphysics.

         You both have a love of home, family, giving advice, and are usually a sounding board for one another. Both of you are also warm, protective, and supportive. In this way you excel. On the physical plane of intimacy, satisfying one another is the least of your worries. Can this be too much of a good thing? That all depends how well you’re developed both emotionally and sexually. Quiet as it’s kept; control issues could creep into the relationship and ultimately depends on how it’s handled. Months in common are March, May, July, and October. As to the how you rate on the love scale? Say, between 6 and 9

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