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Numerology Topics


The producer of her first CD, R. Kelly’s name adds to 16, or 7
Her sophomore CD, “One in a Million”, was released in 1996, which adds to
25, which adds to 7
The producer of this double platinum CD, Timbaland’s name adds to 25 or 7 o Her final self-titled CD, “Aaliyah” was released this past July, the 7th month o Her first movie, “Romeo Must Die”, numerically added to 16 or 7
Her last movie, “Queen of the Damned”, numerically added to 16 or 7
Her boyfriend, Damon Dash’s name, numerically added to a 7
She met her shocking and untimely death on the 25th which adds to a 7
The crash occurred close to 7 0’clock that evening
It occurred in the Bahamas, which is a total of 7 letters

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