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Personal Phone Consultation Only

This incredibly accurate 30 minute personal phone consultation consist of an analysis of your name, your birthday, who you are likely to attract and why.


The birthday analysis will tell:

  • Your lucky numbers
  • Your lucky days
  • Your lucky dates
  • Your lucky months

(Have a pen and paper ready)


Note: When ordering your personal consultation please be sure to include the correct spelling of your name or the name you commonly use.  Include your correct birth date and telephone number.  Please also include the best time to call in the (comment section) before you check out.


Best Seller..."Numbers and You"



"I have had the pleasure of reading the first edition over 20

years ago...This is a masterpiece delivered by a master numerologist. Simple and inviting, this book will help you to answer all of your questions and help you to understand your relationships to family, friends, loved ones and coworkers.

Mr. Strayhorn shows you how to work with the numbers from the ancientChaldean to the Pythagorean method. His unique and original method of "birth key numbers" will tell you which child looks or takes after which parent in the family.

You'll find yourself walking around reciting the numbers and "reading" their integral meanings as they relate to your everyday life. What a great book!!!!!"


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent
Reference book

"This was the second book I applied to my learning ofnumerology. There are many books out there, but this one is clear and easy to follow. The first book I ever purchased on numerology had me so confused that I put it down and gave up on the idea of studying numerology. I thought it was way too difficult. But it's really not, and this book really guides you gently, on your learning path of numerology."



"This book can help you answer many questions about your life, such as, what is my best day of the week? What are the best times of the year for me to start new projects? What is my real mission in life? What challenges will I face in life, and how can I overcome them? what are the best foods for me to eat to sustain optimum efficiency. Life is a sport, and like in any sporttimming can make all the difference in the world!!! Before you go to a new place check the travel section to see if your destination will pose new challenges or cradle you in it's bosom. "Number's And You" will show you the way!!! Open your imagination to new insights with Mr.Strayhorn's landmark tome in numerology!!!"


Relationship Report

Your Relationship Report provides the 1st impressions and how the two of  you get along with each other and other people. How you get along  emotional as well as sexually and much more!

NOTE: When ordering  your Relationship Report please be sure to include your Name and  Birthday as well your mates' in the comments section when you checkout.


Personal Year Report

Your Personal Yearly Report determines the cycle that we all experience  between 1 and 9. Your Personal Year Cycle tells the kinds of people,  conditions and things around you that is likely to affect you to a  greater or lesser degree. Your Personal Year Chart also gives you a  blow-by-blow description for each month as well during your yearly  circle and more.

NOTE: When ordering your Personal Year Report  please include your name and date of birth in the "Comments Section"  when you checkout.


Individual Numerology Report

Your Individual Numerology Report is designed to give you insight into  your character and personality. Your report details the lessons you are  learning in this life and how to fulfill them.

NOTE: When  ordering your Individual Numerology Report please be sure to include  your Name and Birthday in the "Comments Section" when you  checkout.


Numerology and Relationships (CD)

The relationship CD determines who you are attracted to and who are not  and why. It also explains why one is attracted to someone much older or  younger and more!


What's You Beauty Number (CD)

This CD offers beauty tips based on your personal numerology number!


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