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I've sworn by this book for years...

Although my copy is old and worn out, every year I consult this book for my personal year and it has never failed to amaze me. I've learned a lot about myself through this book. To me, this it the best numerology book out there. Mr. Strayhorn really knows his stuff.

Very entertaining

Mr Strayhorn is a master in the subject of Numerology! He makes it simple to understand!

                                                                                              -Camille (Amazon Verified Customer)

Good Introduction - Tiny faults depending on how you like to learn

I think this book is a great introduction into numerology, there is more than enough information for you to decide which system of numerology you'd like to use, how to use each system, what the numbers mean, how you can calculate the general "theme" of a family name with numbers (which, from my experience, was entirely accurate, almost a bit scary how accurate it was, even as someone who researches more esoteric information all the time). My only problem with the book (this is a nitpick at best) is that sometimes I had trouble because I tend to read things literally, although at some points in the book (like magic box) they weren't in a completely straightforward manner of reading, which isn't a big deal. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is open-minded and wishes to research and experience Numerology.

                                                                                                   -Kheper-Ankh (Amazon Verified Customer)

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