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LLoyd Strayhorn's 2014 Forecast


LLoyd Strayhorn's 2014 Forecast

Theme: The essence of this year for you is the amount of patience you exercise,and this is not always easy for you. True, you are a sign associated with action and adventure, however 2014 will find you doing more soul-searching than you're normally used to. Only because your sign happens to be passing through a seven personal year. This will be a year to look at yourself closely, examine your actions, words and deeds, but more importantly to question why have you been doing the things you have in the first place. It may not make sense at the moment, however as the year progress and you begin to look more within yourself for the answers as to the rhyme and reason of what you doing it will become crystal-clear. Actually this will be your year of self-discovery. And if you happen to be an Aries seven person born on the 7th, 16th or 25th, the year will be all the more meaningful and insightful. 

Money: The cycle that you happen to be passing through the 2014, has nothing to do with the making of money or the advancement of your career. But don't let that discourage you in the least, after all you are an Aries right? There is a way however! The formula is not to chase after money or career, but simply to hold still and dwell upon these things that you desire. So, if you're constantly thinking about not having money, then you won't. In essence, this is the year of what you think, you will attract. January, around the second week will give you an opportunity to make some headway. March suggest to be proactive about pursuing your career around the tail end of the month. July suggest not to overspend but stay within your means. That may be easier said than done around the third week when buying big ticket items are likely to be tempting. Around the second week of October, a chance to advance your name and reputation could lead to a raise or perhaps new job. December, is the better month to strike out on your own with much better success.


Love: Like money, your key to love this year is not to chase after it. Simply think about it. See it on the mental screen of your mind. Chances are, if you're not with anyone at the moment, when you do, it may be as a result of a spiritual or metaphysical encounter. For instance, meeting someone at church, attending a psychic fair or seminar. As you see, it won't be about lust, but having a sense of connection or synergy with one another. Those of you already in a relationship however may sense a deepening of the relationship even more. Perhaps going off to a faraway place together. January suggest word of someone you've not seen or heard from in quite some time. It may have been even romantic in nature. April, may find relationships somewhat up in the air. However, the tail end of the month should see an improvement. The month of August is likely to see a relationship heating up and it won't be because of the temperature. Past relationships doing the month of October may bring a note of caution surrounding it. Those under the signs of cancer and Pisces, along with anyone born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of the month may catch your attention. 


Leisure: If your mind has been in a cloud with a desire to just be somewhere else other than home or stuck at work it makes all the sense in the world this year. The cycle you're passing through for 2014 is not about a lot of noise, confusion, much less drama. Rather it's a year where you'd rather escape and spend time to yourself. To hear yourself think! Well, the first chance to do so looks good for May, around the second and final weeks. During the month of July, short trips of a day or so are looking good if taken in the second and final weeks also. September is ideal to get away to a place surrounded by dazzling sun, cool waters and sandy beaches. Sounds good, doesn't it!



Theme: 2014, suggests you have a strategy of some kind or plan of action to get what you want this year. In other words, don't expect things to come easy. Rather, it will be a year where both effort and energy is required. But you can handle that because you are a Taurus, aren't you? Your motto this year is about order and organization. The ability to get things done in an orderly and effective fashion. Without waste! If you are Taurus born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd on the 31st this will be more meaning for you. Keep in mind that what effort and energy you put into this year, will be the same amount of effort and energy that will returned in equal measure. If it sounds like you have your work cut out for you,in a sense you do. But, if you play your cards right and do the things required of you, you should come out a winner. 

Money: Although your zodiac sign rules the house of money and possessions, you may find it a little hard to come by this year. But there is a way. The first rule is to get into the habit of paying yourself off the top. Before any monies goes out to pay bills and other collectors, pay your self first! It'll be a habit proven invaluable by years end. Monies are likely come and go in unexpected ways so try not to be too quick in loaning out any. January, is likely to see a change in the way you've been handling your money. April, has strong prospects for a new job, raise or promotion. The month right after your birthday may find you playing with the idea of perhaps going out on your own. If so, the better your plans are the better you'll likely to do. During the second week of August, you may be given some area of responsibility leading to a possible raise or promotion. The third week of October has even more promise related to an unforeseen and totally unexpected opportunity.


Love: In the love department, affairs of the heart may prove unconventional this year. Love, when least expected for example is likely to come your way. On the other hand, that special someone you may have had your eye on for the longest may not be worth it after all. And so it goes! The month of February, leading up to Valentines week may hold a romantic surprise. Just keep an open mind if it does. The month before your birthday, around the second week of April suggest someone new may come into the picture. Or perhaps something new in an existing or present relationship. The summer month of July may have its iffy moments with partners but will straighten itself out toward months end. November, however holds promising news in the love department despite the fact that it is one of the lowest times of the year for your zodiac sign. Look for an Aquarius, Gemini, or Leo jockeying for your time and attention for 2014, along with anyone born on the 4th,13th, 22nd or 31st of the month.


Leisure: Finding leisure time on your hands this year may be hard to come by. Only because the year itself says it's more about effort and hard work rather than leisure and pleasure. But, believe it or not however, there are five possible leisure months for 2014 if you know where they are. The first leisure month is January, with a chance to get away for weekend or a couple of days to say the least. Next, is March, with an opportunity to be by the sea or on an ocean voyage to some place far away. August, is a leisurely on month for you, but the word on the street is not to overdo it by getting carried away with excesses. The second and final weeks of October couldn't be a better month for you to get away if possible. December, gives you one last chance to get away before the year is over if you really want to spend quality time alone to figure things out once and for all.



Theme: compared to the year before, 2014 is likely to be prosperous and expansive. You're also in a cycle where it is about working on a new and improved image. So, it's a good year to make the rounds and enhance your name and reputation. Anything you accomplished this year should be done with a creative and imaginative approach. Look for ideas this year and they will come to you when you need them. Social engagements, and networking of all kinds are likely to be at the top of your list for the year as well. But you are social Gemini, aren't you? And don't you like to be out and about anyway, free as the breeze. If you happen to be born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th under this sign, these creative urges you're experiencing is likely to be more pronounced. This is not the year to take things too seriously as there is always a way of resolving matters. In your special case this year, you will have no problems in the least doing that. 

Money: Not only is your sign going to a favorable cycle this year relating to your reputation, it's equally favorable for an increase in monies or a growth in your career. You're now in a position to move up the ladder, to grow financially and take on bigger responsibilities. Networking will play an important role in moving your finance and career ahead. And, if you are conscientious at the workplace, don't be surprise by years in that you have a better position as well as a bigger paycheck. February, gives you the first chance to turn the corner in career and finance, just after Valentines week. May, leading up to your birthday month has even bigger possibilities for making major moves. So aim high and think big during this time. July, the month after your birthday, don't be afraid to go to those movers and shakers who can make things happen. Put September on your radar for making a major career move. November, around the third week of the month closes out the year on a positive note.


Love: If you haven't been getting any romantic attention over much of 2013, this new year of 2014 should see a wonderful sea-change. Flirtatious moments are likely to be theme of things, even on a "bad hair day", rather than not. Besides that, chances are those wanting to get to know you romantically better are likely to be your junior in years rather than senior this time around. In fact, look for those under the signs of Pisces and your opposition sign of Sagittarius or those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month coming more into your space. March, looks especially interesting for a deepening a relationship, or perhaps meeting someone if you're single. The month of May will find you going to a pregnancy cycle. Now hold on! It's more of a symbolic pregnancy, such as giving birth to a business, birth to an idea, etc. Feel better! August may find things a little up in the air with relationships, so go slow and don't expect much. As for December, and because it's your opposition time of the year, relationships that are shaky may go south if not careful.


Leisure: You couldn't have picked a better cycle to be in now if it's about living, luxury and leisure. This is it! It's the perfect cycle for networking, socializing, mixing and mingling. All rolled into one! It's about taking time to relax and having fun! February, suggest travel bags ready around the second and final week. Opportunities are indicate. April, suggest you plan for a long journey to places close to the sea. Mid month is especially favorable. Perhaps the highlight of your leisure comes September, during the period of the 8th, followed by the week of the 22nd. Both short and long trips are indicated. November, suggest one last chance to get away from it all. If it's of a day or two, the second week is a go. If it's a longer. The last week is better. 



Theme: You're in for an eventful and exciting year for 2014. Without exaggeration! Firstly, numerically the year, 2014 which favors adds to a 7, rules your zodiac sign . Can it get any better than that, Cancer! You are in a situation this year where conditions are ideal to accomplish about anything you put to mind, and get it done! Furthermore, The number 7 is ruled by the element of water, The same element that rules your zodiac sign. And to put icing on the cake, Jupiter the planet of good luck, is in your sign for the next six months of 2014. In essence, this year will allow you to get rid a lot of things thats been holding up the works in your life the past several years. In other words it's about letting go once and for all, especially the negativity. Persons, places and events that haven't been in your best interest as a result, will soon fall by the wayside. This is especially true if you were born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th under this zodiac sign. In short, it's about finally letting go so you can move on with your life 

Money: January, although an opposition time of the year for you, suggest not to be pushy with moving with your career. Opportunities are there. It's the process you used to get you to the next step. March is actually a better period to push your career with success, particularly around the second week. May, is the month to keep your eyes and ears open for any and all opportunities, beginning around the 15th. Going into the month of August, there was almost nothing you can't accomplish on the money side. This seems especially so around the tail end of the month. October, gives you one last chance for the year to finally move on your decisions, move up the ladder, strike out on your own, or asked about well-deserved raise. Why? Because you'll likely to get it.


Love: Romantic, your cycle leans more towards endings rather than beginnings. It all depends on the status you're presently in now. February for instant will be somewhat contradictory with it's give and take. The month of June, on the other hand paints a much better picture. Love, in every sense of the word, is favorably aspecting your chart during this time. The week of the eighth look especially important in this regard. As for August, there's a strong possibility of meeting someone from your past. The question to ask yourself is, was it positive or negative when you parted ways? The month of November, may find a relationship somewhat in a state of transition. Therefore take it easy, don't expect much and things should even itself out. So forcing your romantic interest on others is not the way to go. Simply let it flow! Before it's all over, an Aries, Leo, Scorpio or someone born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of the month is likely to come into your space.


Leisure: Since your cycle for 2014, indicate long distance journeys, don't be surprised in the least if you wind up not only traveling afar; but people from afar coming your way if you don't. If you simply want to get away for fun and relaxation, March is the perfect month to start especially around the third week, give or take. The month of May, indicate short trips on the horizon of a day or so. Business, may also be a part of the equation especially if it's happening around the week of the 15th. Your birthday month, looks especially promising to get away to faraway places and exotic islands to soak up the sun, breath in the ocean air and wiggle your toes in the sand. Sounds good, right! December, is likely to close out the year with a party, social engagement, or simply out and about mixing and mingling, particularly during the week of the 8th as well as the week of the 22nd.

Theme: If you've been looking to kick butt and take no prisoners, 2014 has your name written all over it! This year is exactly what the doctor ordered in terms of money, power, love, authority, achievement and recognition to name a few. There was almost nothing you can't accomplish if your mind is really made up this year. Think big, raise your level of expectations and expect nothing short of excellence now. That, should be the goal! And for those of you Leo's born the 8th, 17th or 26th of the month, this year will prove all the more important to you and what plans are set into motion. This cycle will also find you doing a lot of growing up. In addition, Jupiter the good luck planet enters your sign in mid July and will stay there until the summer of 2015. In essence, the only person standing in the way of your success this year will be you. Take responsibilities. Take ownership and aim high. You won't have any regrets at all. That's why you are the king of the jungle anyway, right? 

Money: This is one of the best cycles to be in when it comes to making big money, making big moves as far as your job or career is concerned. If you were to take a financial measurement the first part of the year and then take another financial measurement at the end of this year, you'll see how much you have grown in a big way. February, suggest a promotion or raise is on the way. Look for it around the final week of the month. April, brings opportunities and it looks especially good around the week of the 8th. And, if your financial affairs happened to be somewhat in limbo, the month of June will certainly see a sea-change for the better. You can look for that Job or career change to take place around the week of the 15th. September, in the second week, is when you reach the pinnacle of what financial success is due to your way. However November, will give you one last chance to take the financial initiative, occurring around Thanksgiving week.


Love: This cycle happens to be one of the best when it comes to marriage, divorce, pregnancies, births as well as moving in and out of a home. So if your single for example, chances are that will no longer be the case by years end. However if in a relationship and things are going smoothly, expected it move to another level of commitment. If in a stress or strained situation, there's a better than average chance it may end up going south by summertime. March, is indicated as an iffy time for relationships, so don't expect much. July, leading up to your birthday month on the other hand, suggested relationships of a more certain and stabilized nature. The second week of September looks good for a committed kind of love. December, also has promise but it may not be as secure as you might wish. Over the course of the year, expect Capricorns and Librans to be drawn more to you. This would also include anyone born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of the month. 


Leisure: What leisure moments you will have for 2014 appears to be more business than pleasure related. And that's not a bad thing when you think about it. It's always nice as they say, to mix a little business with pleasure from time to time. April for instance is the perfect month to mix both business and leisure. It's may come as a result of a networking situation. June, particularly around the week of the 15th has both travel, leisure and business going into the mix at the same time. What a wonderful combination. You should get a lot of mileage out of it as a result. August, your birthday month, is the best time to get away if you can by sea. And even if you can't get away, you'll sense a strong urge to spend some quality time with just you, and you alone. It's perfect month to reflect and reinvent yourself if that's the case.



Theme: Busy, busy, and more busy is about the best way to describe the cycle you're passing through for 2014. Don't you like to being busy anyway, Virgo? You're in a perfect cycle now to enhance your good name, reputation and just about anything else that has to do with advancing your personal interests. If you're born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of the month, this year has even more meaning than most on the sign. The important thing to remember about this particular year is that almost anything you set to mind, you can accomplish it. It's a matter of simply not letting people stand in your way. And, if you need to work on your image to get advance your affairs, you couldn't have chosen a better cycle than the one you're in now. And although you generally take life seriously, this year says to relax, enjoy yourself more, and simply have fun if nothing else. 

Money: Although you are normally frugal by nature, this may not be the case since many exciting possibilities to advance your career and produce extra income boot. Spending this year may lean toward the more expensive and luxurious items. Fortunately for you however you still know how to stay within your means. The month of February offers an opportunity to advance your job or career, especially during the the week of the 8th through the 14th. Opportunities should abound then. Just keep an eye out and be ready! May is a power month for making power moves where advancing your career and money situation are concerned. Just stay on top of your game! July, suggest you take the initiative to advance your interest among the movers and shakers in your crowd. Your birthday month could lead to a little extravagance, but the key is to stay with in your means. As for November, opportunity out of the blue, is likely to come your way particularly during the week of the 15th. 


Love: In matters of the heart, Virgo you are normally serious minded and no nonsense to say the least when it comes to this part of your life. Well, according to your cycle you can forget that this year. This year brings with it flirtations, perhaps a brief fling or some other enticing romantic goody. Are you taking this all in, Virgo? You're likely to find those who are younger or from a totally different culture drawn to you more. This is particularly true if they come under the sun of Sagittarius, your opposition sign of Pisces or anyone born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month. March, may cause a riff with someone if not careful. For May, you can expect a more serious commitment in the relationship. August, is the most uncertain time of them all, although things are more stable by months end. The last month of the year, brings the best possibility for a lasting love if that's what you been searching for.


Leisure: Getting out more should also be a part of your schedule this year for 2014. Staying at home is certainly not answer. Rather, go out, network, socialize and be sure you're seen by those who feel the same way as you. February, around the second week suggest your first trip of the year. Although it may be of a short nature, nonetheless it should be refreshing. Now, if you really want to get away and go somewhere far from home where there is the sun, sand and sea then April is ideal. Your birth month of September is a great time to treat yourself and go somewhere relaxing.November, looks like the last chance for the year to travel, to explore and take fill advantage of any and every opportunity coming your way as a result of your travels. Keep the second and final weeks in mind in if you can get away.

Theme: This year, 2014 may have its bumps in the road. But who ever said Life's always smooth sailing? Besides, Libra you're not afraid to go after what you want anyway. So work hard! To obtain your fondest desires and the better things in life of course. The key to your success this year however is about balance. It's the way you tip the scale, like the symbol of your sign. Because too much of, can be just as bad as none of, this year. If you happen to be born on the 4th, 13th or 22nd under this Cardinal sign, the year is likely to be more meaningful. Sometimes generous to a fault, that will not be the best way to handle your affairs this year. Quite the contrary. Be frugal, weigh your wants versus needs, and look for ways to cut costs be it a sale, a bargain, a rebate, a discount or you buy one and get one free. 

Money: If you find money hard to come by this year, don't be surprised in the least. It's not that you can't make any! It's the mechanics of how you going to do it that may be the challenge. Firstly, every penny you make of an unexpected nature should be pulled to the side and put away. In other words, consider yourself like a bill and pay yourself first! January, has opportunities indicated particularly during the week of the 15th to the 21st. April, is also another month for making big moves especially during the week of the 8th to the 14th. June, which is when your best times of the year is actually good for starting new ventures or seeking employment. In the summer month of August, a position may be offered to you, so look for it to occur around the second week. As for your birthday month of October, you couldn't have asked for better time to enjoy all the finances you're so rightfully entitled too. It's likely to occur in the first and third weeks of the month.


Love: Romance and relationships may appear to be somewhat on the strange side of things rather than the norm. Not that it's your fault! It's just the nature of things this year. For example, just when you think you have that special someone in your sites. . .WHAMO!!! They go the other way. Then, when you least expected it, that someone totally unexpected comes your way. Go figure! Chances are, an Aquarius, Leo, Gemini or someone born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of the month, may unexpectedly capture your time and attention. February, has strong possibilities, around the week of the 8th. Someone older or from the past is indicated. Next on your love chart is April. If in a relationship during this time, it could get more serious by the third week. July, will have its moments and an element of uncertainty. The tail end of the month is more favorable. November, is an entrée into love as well as money. And the second week looks especially good.


Leisure: What trips and travels you take this year, may have a restriction or two attached to it. So it simply says to have your itinerary in order, leaving nothing to chance. And the irony is, you have more travel months this year than usual. It starts off in January with a short trip totally unexpected for a day or two. That's around the second week of the month. Then March presents a strong possibility to get away from it all, especially around the second and third weeks. August, has fun attached, increased popularity and likely connections with people you've never met. October, hints of a quick escape somewhere by the sea. If it's in the final week the trip is likely to be longer. December, closes out the year going faraway and exotic. It's like a rejuvenation! Put the second and final weeks as the best times to do that.



Theme: A strong, silent approach for 2014 is the best way for you to go. That's because the sum total of the year, which adds to a 7, is ruled by the element of water. And so are you! So the year says to go within and look inside yourself. . .openly and honestly. Getting to the root of the matter. This sense is likely to be more pronounced if you are born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th under this sign. Those things that are material or emotional in nature may have to be put to the side for moment, but once you get to the bottom of why you do the things you do, it'll make all the sense in the world. Not only will this lead to a better understanding of you, but a better sense of where you need to go for the future. Quietly and methodically focus on what you want rather than chase after them. Rather, this approach will unlock the keys to the your desires this year. So what you think about really matters this cycle. 

Money: if you're thinking about making money in fast and furious way this year, that's not in the cards. Rather, you're holding a different kind of hand all together. So chasing after the dollar this year isn't the best strategy. The best way actually, is to set a mental goal of the amount you wish to have. That's how it starts. Write a check out to yourself of the amount you wish to have by the end of the year. Then put it somewhere on a mirror or something that you can see each morning. Stare at the amount you've written on the check that you wish to receive and try to feel, this deep down inside, is it you already have it. January, around the third week, looks promising. March, a month friendly to your sign, says you're in a position to move up the ladder. The month of July suggest a promotion is in the offering. Consider the month of October a time to fast-track your intentions to a better position. And don't be surprised in December finding a desire for more independent and autonomy.


Love: When it comes to matters of the heart this year it's not about rushing into things. In fact the more you question the why you're in a relationship, the more you're likely to come up with answers to what you looking for emotionally. It's about being discriminating for 2014. Not just picking anyone, just because! Chances are, a Pisces or Cancer is likely to attract your attention in a way that has a spiritual component attached to it. This also goes for anyone born on the 7th, 16th or 25th any month. January is likely to find someone coming out of the past you haven't heard from in a while. Especially the week of the 15th. April, will have its moments of ups and downs but has more of a sense of direction by months end. August, appears hints of a more meaningful, deepening relationship you've been looking for. And if you think that's something, the month of October has bells and whistles attached from beginning to end.


Leisure: What leisure trips and travels you take this year may have a more spiritual component to it then anything else. So if you have thoughts for 2014 of traveling to far away places and exotic islands to get away from it all, that would be about right. It's about finding that quiet place so you can hear yourself think. To spend quality time with yourself and those close to you. The month of May, offers fun in the sun. The perfect start to the summer. July, especially around the second and final weeks of the month is best for long distant journeys by land and by sea. Be sure to take your suntan lotion with you. The second and third weeks of September, looks like the last chance to get away for a while. The purpose of the trip is about going to spiritual places such as Egypt, such places as Colorado and even perhaps a trip to the Aztecs. All in the name of your spiritual growth and development.



Theme: 2014 Sag, is your year for making bold and decisive moves. Be proactive in every sense of the word this year. Let no one steal your joy because they don't share the same vision as you now. And it's for this reason why this year was so crucial. Because it's what you do or don't do that will set into motion the tone of your affairs for the next nine years moving forward. So it's important to decide what you want and stay focused. If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th under this sign, the year has more meaning. Don't be afraid to go after what you desire now. Don't be afraid to ask for them as well. It's about dealing with the powers that be on one level or another to help you get to that next step in life. By taking an innovative and original approach to matters you'll definitely get the attention of those in position who can do just that for you. 

Money: advancing your career and making more money should not be hard for you to do this year. It's about taking the initiative, and knowing what you want in the process. That way, you can't go wrong. And chances are better than average, you'll like to get that well deserved raise or promotion you've been looking for. Hopefully this will also increase the size of your bank account by this same time next year. If at the back of your mind you have thoughts of venturing out on your own, it makes perfect sense. don't be afraid to try. What you don't want to do is go down the road of life and mentally kick yourself for not getting this year of 2014 the opportunity to get things off the ground. February, is when career opportunities open up for you around the second week. April, has the word "opportunity" written all over it. Around the second week of July, you will be in a better position to make an upward move. By September, towards the tail end of the month, finds you in a position to get exactly what you're looking for in career. In November, you're likely to close out the year with an increase reputation on the job, and hopefully an increase in your pocketbook as well.


Love: This year in the romantic department, it's about putting a fresh face on things if you're in a relationship and want it to continue moving forward. If you are single however, a new kind of relationship altogether is likely to come into the mix. Not like the ones from before, thankfully. In fact those under the signs of Leo, Aries, Aquarius and those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month are likely to be the standouts in the love category this year. The month of January, may have it's moments of doubt but it's a matter of being patient, not pushy. After the 22nd, has a better sense of certainty. For a deeper, more meaningful relationship expect that to occur in May, especially around the week of the 8th. It appears the month of July has more than fireworks in store. And the sparks are likely to be more pronounced around the week of the 15th. It could be serious!

Leisure: Astrologically, your sign is not only associated with entertainment, but travel too. Although there are only a few months this year than is normally your case, these visits are likely to be to places entirely new. Different for change! February is the perfect time to get away from the winter. If these trips are arranged around the second and final weeks of the month they're likely to be favorable as well as enjoyable. April, the month that favors your sign favor short trips with a hint of business attached to it. June, which is your astrological opposition, suggested any travel plans should be double checked well in advance. Besides, Mercury the planet of communications, will be in retrograde from June 7th through July 1st at the time. And when Mercury is in retrograde, thats when it's likely to be all kinds of foul-ups connected with communications and travel.



Theme: In astrological terms, this is your year of exaltation, considered a

most positive influence for your zodiac sign especially in the romance and

finance department. So in a word, 2014 is looking pretty good. Actually, its

better than that! In fact, if you were born on the 6th, 15th or the 24th under

this sign it looks absolutely great! A strong sense of duty, responsibility and

obligation should prevail this year. It's about living up to your commitments

now and conveying a sense of right or wrong to everyone be they friend or foe.  

And while you're at it, look for ways to improve your health and personal

appearance. Get into a regiment or exercise program for overall weight and the

cardio. Make sure you take in a lot more sun, fresh air followed by a brisk

walk around the block. You'll see a big difference by this same time next year.



Money: Since your sign rules the 10th house of the zodiac, the house of career

and money this year is made just for you. No one is ever more determined than

you when it comes to getting ahead in the financial department! And money in

your case is likely to come in all shapes and sizes this year. Such as a raise

or increase in pay, a grant, an honorarium or in some other form of recognition.

Honors such as these for example, leads to a move up the career ladder; an

increase paycheck or a stronger position on the job. February, looks especially

favorable leading into Valentine week. The powers that be are looking at you.

April, put you in in line of an offer of an authoritative position. Around the

third week of June, take advantage of the reputation you've established on the

job. August, around the 15th, is a good time to make major moves. It'll get

noticed! November, in or around the second week is when you're likely to see

some daylight. A wonderful entrée into 2015.


Love: When it comes to this department of your life this year it should be most

interesting to say the least. For example, if you entered this year without a

significant love one that will change at some point during 2014. If you're in a

meaningful relationship expected it to blossom more. However, if there has been

tests and challenges, it may go by way of a split, separation, divorce, etc.

before it's all done. On the scale of attraction chance are that a Taurus,

Libra, or anyone born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of the month is likely to

attract your romantic attention. February, has serious potential if you ready

to take a relationship to the next level. And the month of May ironically

considered when your best times of the year, may have its shaky moments.

September, is likely to be a culmination of all of your romantic dreams come

true. Sounds good, right! November also, will have it's important moments

especially leading into Thanksgiving week.


Leisure: What form of travel and leisure you're likely to experience this year

may come by way of weddings, celebrations, graduations, baby showers, family

reunions and the like. Get it! January, is one of those months. It's a month to

get away to yourself, to reflect and figure out what your next move's going to

be. June, especially in your case is strongly associated with graduations,

celebrations and reunions of some kind. Especially so around the second and

final weeks. Both short and long distance travel is indicated during August.

The early part of it is good for short trips, the tail end of the month is

better for travel longer. October, also one of your better months gives you one

last chance to get away from it all.




Theme: 2014 Aquarius, is an extraordinary year to do extraordinary things.

That's because you're passing through an extraordinary cycle now. And because

this cycle only comes once in a blue moon, makes that extraordinary in itself.

It's about taking your life and affairs to the next level, to go beyond your

present boundaries and expand your horizons. This will be a especially the case

if you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th under this constellation.

Approach life this year with an open mind. After all, this is your age of

Aquarius! It's normally in a cycle such as this when one comes up with great

ideas, creative and innovative ways of doing things and resolving problems. It's

about a heightened awareness, just that simple! So aim for the stars this year

and expect only the best.


Money: Since this extraordinary period is linked to fame, fortune and friends

in high places, prospects of enhancing your career or reputation looks

promising. Teamwork, and a spirit of cooperation will be a key component to

your advancement. Not acting as a lone wolf! And by acting with leadership,

with vision and above all a sense of humanity and humility, you can't but go far

in 2014. January, opens its doors with people in the know, who can make things

happen and prove helpful before year's end. March, around the first and third

weeks, has opportunities written on the wall. Give yourself a plug whenever and

wherever you can over the next 365 days. Consider August the highlight year

with a chance of a great promotion or salary increase in the second and final

weeks. October, suggest influential people in position to help you. Look for

signs around the week of the 8th.


Love: With this heightened state of mind you're in this year hints of how

relationships are likely to be. True, physical outward appearances are

important. However, this year it's about what's that person state of mind? Are

they aware of what they want and why? Are they enlightened? This is not to say

that the person you meet has to be above average or from some esoteric

background. It's simply a matter of their level of consciousness. Those in the

same sign as you Aquarius, followed by Leo or anyone born on the 11th or the

22nd of any month are likely be drawn to you, and you to them. April, looks

like an intense month for a serious or meaningful relationship, particularly

around the week of the 8th. It may even be with someone the past. June, a

favorable month for your sign suggest taking a relationship to the next level by

way of a commitment or engagement. September, promises to be the high point in

the Love department. Particularly around the final week of the month.


Leisure: The tail end of January looks good to get away for a while especially

if it's about spending quality time with you and you alone. March, on the other

hand is a favorable month to mix and mingle with the crowd particularly in the

second and final weeks. Trips during this time are likely to be of a short

nature of a day or so. May, on the other hand suggest trips longer in nature

especially across large bodies of water or land. It should prove an educational

experience. After the summer going into the Fall of October, suggests a fun

time connected with a cruise of some kind, a trip to the races or places of

amusement. This is strongly indicated in the second and final weeks. December,

closes out the year with trips to enhance one's name, reputation or career. Look

for opportunities along the way doing this time.




Theme: Saving the best for last Pisces, this year is just made for you. Other

than the sign of Cancer, you two are ones that go to the head of the line this

year, big time. Front row and center! Now, don't get heady, thinking of you're

all of that! Don't be fooled into the notion that it's about kicking up your

feet and waiting for things to come your way. Like a sense of entitlement.

Wrong! Rather, go forward this year knowing if you do the things that are

required of you; putting your best foot forward, there is no way you won't come

out on top before it's all over 2014. This is especially true for those under

born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th under this sign. So, don't be afraid to go

after what you want. Put it in your sites and aim to go to the top. If so,

you'll be please how's your life and affairs has grown by the same time next

year. Promise!


Money: Expect a better position in your career, occupation or job before the

year is over. In fact, you may even have dreams of going out on your own.

Starting something new. Maybe, become an entrepreneur. It's all within your

province this year. February for example, gets the ball rolling with someone

promoting your name or reputation to those with the powers that be. It's

strongly indicated in or around the third week. Around the third week of April,

look for windfall of some kind. It will be as a result of something well

earned. July, is your month to make your power moves, right after the July 4th

holidays. Consider the month of September, prime time! All that you been

wanting and looking for in your career and money in this month, as a result

should come to fruition. Consider November, the icing on the cake as you close

out the year for the holidays.


Love: The mindset romantically this year for you is about things new regarding

relationships. If you're in one already for example, you're likely to have a

sense of wanting it to move in a new direction. To put a fresh face on things.

January, suggests a matter of uncertainty where relationships go. On the other

hand if the union does have legs you'll know by the end of the month. May, is by

far better in this department, really! Commitments, and what you been yearning

to take to the next emotional level is definitely in the air. July, is your

month of make it or break it especially if things of been up in the air. You'll

know and or around the third week of the month. Consider October like a preview

of the year to come. As if looking at the "trailers". So, If you've planted a

good seed you'll do very emotionally. If not, don't expect much, just that

simple. Along the way, a Leo, Aquarius or Aries; and anyone born on the 1st,

10th, 19th or 28th of the month.


Leisure: Astrological, the original planetary ruler of your sign Jupiter,

governs foreigners, foreign countries and foreign languages. So traveling here

and there too far away places is nothing new in your leisure experience. This

year though, what travels you do venture off to for 2014 are likely to be to

places new, different and original rather than the old haunts you're normally

used to going and sight-seeing. Mid February going towards the end leading into

your zodiac constellation has signs of a fun time to get away. Again, to places

new and exciting! April, suggest a quick getaway for day or so is what the

doctor ordered. If you've really been meaning to get away to places faraway,

June couldn't be a better month to do so. Particularly if you have your tickets

are scheduled around the 15th or the 21st. November, is likely to close out the

year especially toward the holidays with you have one last chance to get away to

exciting, fun filled places.


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